Last Thursday the family and I put our Christmas decorations up.

And, as usual, I posted if you pictures of it on Facebook.

The pictures looked super tidy.

Any floor space or sides around the tree, stockings, etc empty and clean.

Because I just emptied them.

In some cases just shoving piles of toys or bits and bobs power enough to one side who is out of the shot.

Or even slightly trimming the photo to remove such things.

Which I’m sure we all do.

Or equivalents.

Sharing on social media a stage managed highlight reel of our lives.

I always try and be honest and transparrent.

But I also don’t want family pictures that I’ll look back on soley with fondness and not also disappointment at the mess in them.

I honestly think that a massive part of many people’s challenges with their mood and mental health is a near constant exposure to versions of other people’s lives that make them feel somewhat “less than” by comparison.

I get it too with some of what my mates post.

And remembering not to compare our ‘behind the scenes’ to everyone else’s ‘highlight reel’ isn’t always easy.

But it’s powerful.

Much love,

Jon ‘At least this year none of the kids were in a bad mood and had to be cajoled into a twenty photos of which only one would make it look like like everyone was ok’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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