It was always the easiest half of the game

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My youngest son Charlie enjoys playing hide and seek.

As all kids of that age (just turned four) do.

I remember playing it myself before restarting after a twenty odd year gap.

I’ve got to be honest, I prefer it when it’s my turn to hide.

I can go a lie down somewhere for a few minutes until someone finds me.

When I’m ‘seeking’ it’s more effort

Wandering around the house.

Pretending I can’t see feet sticking out the bottom of curtains, etc.

Hiding is always easier.

In all areas of life.

But we don’t always realise we’re doing it.


Going head in the sand.

Pretending it’s not happening.

“Leaving it for now” because we’re “busy”.

Ignoring messages from us.

Not even booking in for any workouts.

Using not being able to eat ‘perfectly’ as a justification for mainlining food and drink.

We get it.

Life is full on sometimes.

A lot of the time.

Always, but this year in particular.

Seeking out what we desire feels like “yet another thing”.

We get it.

But we all know that hiding is never the answer.

It’s fine to be struggling.

It’s fine for things to not be going quite how you’d like.

But we can always stay engaged.

Read these blogs.

Make ‘some’ better food choices.

Book in for some sessions, even if we end up rearranging them or doing a home workout in the end.

Hiding is easy.

It’s comfortable.

It’s tempting.

But we’ll only regret it.

We can continue to seek.

Speed up and slow down as circumstance dictates, sure.

But we don’t need to ‘stop’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Halfwit’ Hall

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