The other day I talked about my new laptop and how much faster it is than the one it has replaced.

The cost of replacing it is an investment.

As the old one was really limiting how quickly I could work and how much I could get done.

Writing that blog reminded me of a book I read 25 years ago.

Your young scribe was in the first year at Nottingham University.

Studying Manufacturing Engineering with Operations Management.

Which has been very useful since 😉

A quick Google has enabled me to find that the book was “The Goal” by Eli Goldratt.

In the book, the author use the analogy of a group of scouts on a hike.

In order to complete the hike as fast as possible, they realise that they are limited by the speed of the slowest of them – Herbie.

And they do everything they can to make Herbie as fast as possible – he goes at the front, they carry his stuff, etc.

There was little point changing anything else when they would only ever go at Herbie’s pace.

And that dealing with said “bottleneck” had the highest return on investment.

My laptop was my “Herbie”.

What’s yours?

What one thing, if you addressed it, would have the biggest benefit?

Maybe snacking late at night?

Maybe our thoughts about how busy we are?

Our attitude to exercise?

Liquid calories?

Having “treats” on view, tempting us.

Not planning ahead and diarising our workouts?

Just trying to eat less rather than tracking our food accurately for a few days to enable us to discover some tactical swaps that we can make?

Always trying to go it alone rather than accepting help (at .

It’s easy to get caught up in all the other things that we can do when there’s probably one thing we can address that will have disproportionate benefit.

What’s yours?

Much love,

Jon ‘Goes bananas’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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