Dateline: Last Monday at 5.25pm.


I’m with Charlie (7 months) while Izzie (7 years) and Alex (REDACTED) are out for a run.


## Oli (8) and Jame (6) with their mum for anyone who didn’t know we are a ‘blended’ family ##


I suddenly remember that I’m booked on a Rugby Coaching course in Congleton starting at 6pm.


I’d completely forgotten and had got some nice tea in a planned a little activity for the girls around the Britain’s Got Talent semi final that night.


I check Google Maps.


25 minutes to get there.


It would only take a couple of minutes to get ready.


When the girls got back I could do a quick change over and be, at most, a couple of minutes late.


Did I make it?


Did I heck?


And do you know one of the main reasons I didn’t?


The course only cost a fiver.


And, I’m ashamed to say, it’s the third time I’ve missed it.


The previous two were due to being at family events and not feeling the need to drag the kids away while they were having fun.


But, had the course cost £500…………..


I’d have made it.


Skin in the game.


It’s one of the reasons the deposit system for our challenges works so well.


When you don’t quite feel like ‘it’, the potential of losing you deposit can often be enough to pull you through.


And, you can create your own ‘skin in the game’.


A wager with friends.


Using a ‘Anti-Charity’ at


And so on.


Create a way that means that ‘not doing it’ costs you something more than just a missed workout, healthy meal, etc.


And you’re way more likely to get there!



Much love,


Jon ‘Also REDACTED’ Hall and Matt ‘REDACTED – 6.5’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names – famous ‘Wrights’. Ian Wright and Matthew Wright.




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