I took my two older sons to the Macc match the other week.

The 3-1 victory over Skelmersdale if you’re interested.

Whilst we were waiting for the game to start, I was messaging my house mates from Uni.

I should’ve been in London right now at the point you’ll be reading this.

Its was COVIDed off last minute 🙁

For a long weekend for my birthday.

One of my old housemates is from Bramhall and (completely coincidentally) went to school in Macc.

He’s also a City fan.

So I was pointing out they’d have been playing “here (the Macc ground) 20 years ago”.

“I think we lost as well. Bloody Macc” he replied.

I googled it to check.

They didn’t.

City won at The Moss Rose and Maine Road that year.

Interestingly I noticed that the Moss Rose fixture was two days after my 19th birthday.

Or 23 years ago today.

I did a yard that night.

You know – 2 1/2 pints of beer from a long glass with a bulb end.

You can see the image on the blog post.

I was quite the drinker back then.

A few months before we’d had the Halls of Residence Boat Race.

A 6 vs 6 knock out elimination pint downing tournament.

My team had gone to a dead heat in the final.

A 3 vs 3 rematch saw me down the last pint in what I’m claiming as PB of around 2 seconds to take the title.

Top 6 at the National Fitness Awards (twice) is pretty cool, like.

But nothing will ever surpass Hu Stu 99 Boat Race Champions!

A few months later we did a 24 hour movie marathon where everyone got a pack of 24 half litre bottles of beer.

I was the only one to do all 20 pints.

You’ll be unsurprised to hear I was also fat.

I was a fat kid.

Got skinny when I had a growth spurt at about 13 to 14.

Got fat a few years later when I discovered beer.

16st 10lbs when I finished Uni.

Not particularly good at sport.

In the school rugby team but mainly because there was only 14 other lads who wanted to be.

Fat again by 17 after discovering beer.

Progressively fatter throughout Uni,

Didn’t get in shape until my early 20s when I started working in the fitness industry.

So, I’ve been there.

As have all of our coaches.

Every single coach we’ve ever had at RISE (other than on day one when we first opened up) started as members.

Walked through the door looking to make some changes to their bodies (and lives).

And did.

And believed in what we did, wanted to get involved and qualified to becomes coaches.

So we ‘get it’.

In an industry where most have always loved sport (and been good at it) and are injury, child and commitment free………….

I like to think we get the challenges our clients face better than most.

Because we’ve lived them.

Or are still living them.

So, if you’re struggling, reach out to us.

That’s what we’re here for.

We understand.

We’ll help you ask some better questions about the situation, sure.

Because better questions lead to better answers.

And just getting the same answers to the same questions will probably work out the same as last time.

But we do get it.


There’s only so much we can do “one way”.

These blogs (and the videos, podcasts and everything else) all help.

But talking to us will help even more.

Anything you’re less than 100% on………….

Don’t just tell yourself “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”………….

Talk to us!

Maybe by replying with this with “Great” see how our ‘Great in 8’ programme can help change your life over the next 8 weeks too.

Much love,

Jon ‘Glad I didn’t meet my wife back then as she was super hot (and still is) while I was chubby and spotty and I don’t think she’d have given me a second look’ Hall

P.S. Tomorrow I’ll cover my time in the yard and how I got destroyed by ‘Big Mike’


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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