18 years ago when I’d just learned to drive, my Grandpa said something very wise to me.


I’d taken a turn where I had right of way…….


Without looking properly at the lane I had right of way over.


“I had right of way” I explained “It wouldn’t have been my fault if there’d been a crash”.


“It won’t matter who’s fault it’s is” he replied “If you’re dead”.


He was right – ultimately I, as the driver, was the one responsible for making sure I was safe.


No matter what others did.


I’ve checked every possible lane, angle, etc ever since.




It’s the same with healthy eating.


Others will make it harder for you, sure.


You friends / family / colleagues who try and flabotage you (love that word).


Waving cake, etc in front of you.


Having a go at you for ‘being boring’ or making them ‘feel bad’.


But, ultimately we have the final decision……


We decide if that cake, etc takes that final turn……


Into our mouths.


Ultimately, it won’t matter who’s faults it is……..


When you’re overweight and unhappy.


Just a bit of food for though 🙂



Much love,



Jon ‘My first car was called Homer’ Hall and Matt ‘Sold every car I’ve ever owned for a profit’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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