We’ve mentioned ‘Action Triggers’ before.


If – Then type plans on how to deal with certain situations.


Rather than just vague ideas.


For example, rather than just saying “I’m going to try and eat better”, making specific plans such as;


If someone offers cake at work, then I will use that as an opportuntiy to go for some fresh air.


If I’m doing the weekly shop, then I will avoid certain aisles.


If it is Sunday evening, then I will pack my workout gear and put it in the car.


If I finish work on time on Monday, then I will go for a workout.


If someone ask for a meeting when I am supposed to workout, then I will say no and offer some other options.


If I am hungry on the way home, then I will take the route via the shop and get something good rather than taking the route via the take-out.


Etc, etc.




Recent research has shown the value in setting such ‘Action Triggers’ increases massively with harder goals.


If goals are considered ‘easy’, then those without ‘Action Triggers’ achieve them, on average 78% of the time.


Those with, 84%.


For goals that are considered harder, ‘Action Triggers’ increase success rate from 22 to 62%.


Nearly three times more likely!


Tripling your chance of success by taking just a few minutes to set more more precise ‘If – Then’ goals.


It’s one of those many things that people often think “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea”.


But then don’t do anything with.


Hopefully a tripling of your success rate is enough justification for you to try.


Go get a pen and paper.


Write down those ‘Action Triggers’ for the situations you find difficult.


If – Then.


Getting it out of the head and down on paper makes a huge difference.


Let me know how you get on?



Much love,


Jon ‘Trigger’s Broom’ Hall and Matt ‘Action Man’ Nicholson




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