So yesterday I finally got round to seeing the film Deadpool.


Got to say it was awesome.


Violence, swearing, deadpan humour and partial nudity – my kinda film 🙂


Didn’t take itself too seriously either.


Most superheroes are a bit ‘dry’.


And, well, boring.


Bit like most FitPros 😉


It was chock full of interesting parallels for you.


But one of the main ones I got came from how the main characters ‘released’ their super powers.


Diagnosed with terminal cancer the man that would become Deadpool agrees to a treatment which basically sees him get tortured.


Until one of two things happens.


Either he dies…….


Or the recessive mutant genes that all humans carry (in the film) kick in and not only get rid of the cancer………


But also give super powers of some sort.




Tis, of course, fiction.


But there’s a big parallel with real life there.


People usually have to take an awful lot before they’ve ‘had enough’.


And something changes.


We spend years with bodies that we’re not happy with.


Trying the same old ‘treatments’ that didn’t work last time.


Gyms, slimming clubs, diets, etc.


Bodies that, as everything goes in the wrong direction, we get less and less happy with.


As it looks and feels worse and worse………


We eventually hit a rock bottom.


Varies hugely where that is person to person.


But eventually we’ve had enough.


And, change happens………


When the pain of staying the same………..


Becomes greater than the pain of changing.


Most FitPros just concentrate on the ‘good stuff’.


Talking about ‘feeling amazing’.


And ‘loving life’.


People often can’t even imagine that’s something they could ever have.


Sometimes it’s enough to to just feel ‘less shit’.


And a little ‘less miserable’.


After all, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


If you’ve already taken that first step, then just keep going.


Sometimes it will be two steps forward, one step back.


But keep going and the overall direction will be forward.


If you’ve not taken that first step yet and you’ve had enough of feeling shit………


This is your next step:



Much love,


Jon ‘You have something in your teeth’ Hall and ‘Captain Matt. No, just’ Matt Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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