Out of all the mind sets that hold us back…….


This one probably has to be the most common……


And the most limiting.


We miss something a couple of times.


Miss a few workouts.


End up having a few bad meals.


And we jack it in.


Decide to stop altogether.


And maybe restart somewhere down the line.




Take your favourite programme.




Game Of Thrones?


Top Gear?


Imagine you miss an episode.


Not ideal, sure.


But you’d be straight back on it.


Catch the next one and you wouldn’t have missed too much.


You wouldn’t think ‘Sod it, I’ll leave it”.


“I’ll maybe try to get into Corrie or Spartacus after I’ve got Christmas out of the way”.


Would you?


And, do any of those things help you love longer and improve your quality of life?


Not saying don’t do them.


But, treat a missed workout or healthy meal like a missed episode.


Straight back on it next time.


Always good to have someone to give you a kick to get back on it too – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you don’t have that.



Much love,


Jon ‘Never seen any Game Of Thrones’ Hall and Matt ‘Never missed an episode’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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