Just t’other day some of our ninjas were commenting in our members only Facebook group that they’d had some of their friends / family / colleagues commenting that their behaviour ‘wasn’t normal’.


And that it was ‘a bit obsessive’.


It’s something that we’ve encountered many times over the years.


It’s normally used to make the sayer feel better.


If someone else’s behaviour is ‘obsessive’, or ‘not normal’, then they won’t feel bad about not doing it themselves.


If doing something regularly makes someone obsessed, then we’re all obsessed with something.


It’s not uncommon for people to cheque facebook a few times an hour on their phones.


Doing something a hundred plus times a week could be described as obsessive, no?


Watching stuff on TV, tablets, etc dozens of times a week?


And why is someone who eats healthy food every day obsessed while someone who eats rubbish as frequently isn’t?


As always, people can do what they like.


Hell, I check Facey that often.


But it’s always good to question things.


We’re all obsessed with something.


So, of someone describes you as obsessed with being health, take it as a compliment.


It’s the best obsession you can have 🙂



Much love,


Jon and Matt


P.S. In a rush and can’t think of any good middle names


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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