Firstly, apologies for yesterday’s blog being late.

I wrote it on the train on Thursday night but the scheduling didn’t go through and I couldn’t sort it until I just got on the train back up North.

I’m on the 5.40pm from Poole which I’d booked as it was considerably cheaper than the earlier ones.

We finished up at ThruDark HQ about 3 so I was in no rush to get back to the AirBnB to pick up my other bag (with my laptop in so I can write me some blogs) and on to the train station.

Initially I intended to walk this trip.

“Save paying for a bus or taxi” I thought.

But, by the time I’d gotten to the first bus stop, I’d changed my mind.

Mainly because my legs were sore, I’ll be honest.

But, in part, because I had a change of thoughts about the money situation.

It crossed my mind that, if someone had said “There’s a free bus, but I’ll pay you £2 to walk into town”, I’d probably reply with “I’m alright thanks – I’ll get the bus”.

Factoring out the other benefits of walking, the effort of the walk wasn’t worth the income it would provide – it would’ve taken an hour or so and I don’t think anyone would be happy doing a paid job for £2 an hour.

Us humans don’t always do the olde cost-benefit analysis in ways that make the most sense, do we?

How much would you need me to pay you to put on half a stone of body fat?



I doubt anyone would do that.

Yet we’ll happily gain half a stone to “get our money’s worth” on an all-inclusive holiday, won’t we?

Or we “finish off” more food than we need as we “don’t want to waste it”.

We’re doing something that we don’t want to do, not even to make money, but to get “better value” out of an expense that’s the same either way.

I get that we’re also doing these things for the other benefits.

But, if we challenge and, maybe, remove the justification(s) that doesn’t actually make any sense, it might just become a different conversation in our heads!

Much love,

Jon ‘Apparently the word bus is short for omnibus, which means “for everyone and, surely, is what putting all the episodes of Eastenders back to back on a Sunday means?”‘ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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