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I came to a realisation the other day.

You know the things we might struggle with?

Eating or drinking too much.


Maybe our mood?




They’re all made worse by one thing.


I’m not saying that it’s the entirety of any of those things (before anyone feels the need to reply and say that)…………

But it makes many (if not all) of them worse doesn’t it?

The human brain is a problem solving machine.

And, when it’s not engaged in solving high value problems…………..

It’s prone to creating new ones………….

Or increasing the perceived severity of others.

When we’re engaged in something that we’re enthused about being involved in…………

Those other things are less likely to rear their heads, aren’t they?

When we’re bored, they make their presence known more frequently and more intensely.

Where we often go wrong is by focussing on the wrong problems.

Or none at all.

Avoiding challenge just creates other challenges.

We do what we feel we “should do”.

What we’ve been “taught” is important.

By society, our parents and others around us.

Neglecting the fact that we’re not really all that interested in or bothered by those things.

And it doesn’t inspire us.

Doesn’t get us up in the morning wanting to get our teeth into the day.

Because we value what we’re doing and how it ties into what’s important to us.

Instead we get bored.

And all those other things become more likely!

Much love,

Jon ‘Panda’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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