I was chatting on BookFace t’other day with an old friend.


Picking my little brain she was.


Recommended a few things she could do with the kids I did.


Talking like Yoda I was 😉


She’d seen some pics recently of me and my boys having a workout down at RISE (their workout generally involves running round some cones and swinging on the TRX).


“It’s alright for you” she said “you’ve got your own gym”.


I let the gym bit go 😉


But pointed out that the other but wasn’t valid.


The belief that other people have things easier is a limiting one.


And while some may, there will be plenty (millions probably) out there who have similar challenges and work round them.


Plenty will be working round even bigger challenges.


If she has already been doing press ups, squats, running up and down the stairs, etc when with the kids, or after they’d gone to bed, her point would have had some validity.


But, in her head, the fact she couldn’t take the kids to the gym, meant she couldn’t exercise.


We fully accept that there are lots of things that make a healthy lifestyle harder.


Kids, for a start – I know, I have three.


Work, family, other people, illness, etc.


But there are ways to work round these things.


They usually just make it harder, not impossible.


And when we accept that and start searching for the solution, rather than lamenting the problem, that’s when we start to see change.


And when we look to work smarter, not just harder, that’s when the magic happens.


We’ve got a good little example tomorrow about solution finding vs. problem finding.


See you then 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘It’s not a gym’ Hall and Matt ‘It’s not a diet’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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