Only Fools and Horses.


Del Boy and Rodney are chatting about food.


Del: “One of my most favourist meals in Duck a l’Orange. But I don’t know how to say that in French.”


Rodney: “It’s canard.”


Del: “You can say that again bruv!”


Rodney: “No. The French word of duck is canard.”


Classic not quite hearing what’s been said.


And making a connection with something you’re more familiar with.


We get this from time to time.


People half hearing what we’re saying.


Joining up the dots.


And coming up with something a bit different.


We talk about a Balanced Diet.


Getting good amounts of protein, carbs and fat.


As most people follow the standard ‘Western Diet’……….


Which is mega-high carb, low fat and low protein………..


That does mean most would benefit from more protein and fat and less carbs.


But people often hear that as ‘Low Carb’.


Or ‘No Carb’.


Or that “carbs are bad”.


We’ve had people absolutely convinced we’ve told them to never eat any carbs.


When we definitely haven’t.


Nope – a good mixture of carbs, protein and fat.


A third of your energy from each is a nice target.


A 2:2:1 ratio in real terms as fat is twice as energy dense as the other two.


People also hear when we talk more about getting the balance and JERFing (just, or mainly, eating real foods)……….


And less about calories……….


And think we’re saying calories don’t count.


When, of course, they do.


We do find that side of it much easier to take care of when you’re eating well.


Rather than just using willpower to try and force yourself to eat less and / or move more.


But, the calories do, of course, still count.


If you’re eating well and the weight isn’t going down……….


A trimming of portion sizes can be the difference maker.


Not going hungry ( if you haven’t checked us out before and you like the sound of an approach that isn’t about willpower and hunger).


That never works long term.


Just being a bit more aware of amounts.


So it’s enough, but not too much.




It doesn’t have to be ‘Canard.


Get a good mixture of proteins, carbs and fat.


Mainly from natural foods.


Eat enough, but not too much.


And that should take you 90% of the way there 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘My wife speaks French a bit like Del Boy’ Hall and Matt ‘Trigger’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names – Athlete’s Foot and the song Wires by the band Athlete 🙂




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