So, finally after years of photoshopped Facebook hoaxes, today is the day.


October 21st 2015!


The date the Marty McFly travelled to in the future in Back To The Future II.


Don’t get me started on our lack of hoverboards, self tying trainers and drying jackets.


Instead, I’m interested in how the way we eat has changed and is changing back again in the time frame of the films.


Between 1955 and 1985 we started to take a turn away from natural foods and balanced diet.


Fat was demonised.


Low calorie and low fat processed convenience foods became the rage.


And this trend accelerated through the 90s.


As the Western World’s waistlines and illness levels sky-rocketed.


The last handful of years we’ve started to see a turn back towards the eating of 1955 and before.


The sort of meals your grandmother would have recognised.


The way of eating that took us from monkeys to space travel.


Real food.


A balance of protein, fat and carbs.


And we’ve started to remember the importance of sleep and stress in the whole health / fitness / physique realm.


And we’re turning back to proper exercise that actually does something rather than ‘low intensity fat burning zones’.


It’s all still a work in progress.


There’s still a lot of ‘latest fad’ stuff out there.


Magic foods, meal replacements, juices, fad exercises, pointless equipment and so on……..


But more and more the research and data is backing up what we’ve been saying for years.


While the future has bought, and will continue to bring, some great advancements and improvements to our lives……..


The past is where you’ll find what needs to be done to make your future bright 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Biff’ Hall and Matt ‘Mad Dog’ Nicholson


P.S. Still not sure about how to eat and exercise properly – come and find out more about what we do next Tuesday –

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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