I’ve mentioned many times before in here that sometimes I have very similar conversations with a number of people back to back.

Which, of course, is a useful reminder that they won’t be the only people thinking or expressing that.

Last Monday through a combination of in-person conversations at the club and Coaching Calls on the phone, several people said pretty much the same thing about some of these blogs that they’d read recently.

“It’s like you read my mind”.

Which is cool.

I’ve heard that many, many times over the years.

And it’s good to hear.

Because it shows what I’m writing is resonating.

But I think it’s also good for others to hear that this is a common thing that gets relayed.

It shows the conversations we’re having in our head are perfectly normal.

That there’s nothing “wrong with us”.

If I were to extrapolate these conversations up to the entire population of the country, I would assume that millions and millions of us are having similar thoughts and conversations.

So it’s perfectly normal to think;

– “I haven’t got time for this at the moment”

– “I’m too busy”

– “Healthy eating takes too long and is too expensive”

– “It’s not worth doing the exercise that I can fit in this week”

– “I don’t feel up to it today”

– “I’m feeling anxious”

– “I can’t be bothered”

All these things are perfectly normal things that millions of people will be thinking or saying today.

But just because they’re perfectly normal doesn’t always mean that they are true.

It doesn’t mean that they’re not worth questioning.

Or maybe that, true as they are, they don’t have to have the negative impact that we might let them.

All normal.

All can be challenged or changed.

Much love,

Jon ‘Mystic Meg’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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