It’s more like canoe slalom [I remember this on Trans World Sport]

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You ever seen canoe slalom in the Olympics?

—- Other sporting events are available —–

Or, as I remember it, Trans World Sport in the 90s?

You know the one – zipping down a stream in a canoe / kayak, trying to get through various ‘gates’ for the best time / score.

Now those guys are strong, no doubt about it.

They do some powerful turns.

But most of it is going with momentum.

It’s smooth and graceful when done well.

It’s not about continuously forcing the canoe around slowly with brute force.

That’s what a tugboat does.

It’s about ‘going with’ the flow in the best way we can………

With periodical bursts of energy to correct course.

And a life we want to lead can be like that.

When it seems like that constant effort…….

When it’s all “hard work”……..

When “everything’s against us”……..

It’s “never ending”………

When “the world seems out to get us”………

It’s like that tugboat.

Hard work.

Hard to maintain.

When we treat it more like going with the flow of the stream of life………

With bursts of energy to correct course here and there……..

It can be a much more enjoyable experience.

Letting go…….

Accepting what is…….

Stopping arguing with reality…….

Letting go of the “need to be right”……

Can make it all so much easier.

We go with things rather than fighting against what will never change.

Burning ourselves out unnecessarily and not having the energy for the stuff we can change!

‘Going with the flow’ rather than fighting with reality can mean we get so much further and faster.

Much love,

Jon ‘Trans World Sport was great, wasn’t it?’ Hall

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