It’s my birthday today.

I’m 21.

For the second time.

I know, I know – you probably read the first part of that and thought “I’d have put him down as more like 23, but maybe he had a hard paper round” 😉

But, no – 42 today.

Life’s good and I’m happy.

And I’ll have a lovely next few days with the family (we’re going down to London for a few days, they’ve got something fun planned and I’ll get to catch up with my Uni mates).

But every birthday makes you think, doesn’t it?

About getting older.

Past the age of about 21 you can’t quite believe you’re that age, can you?

I remember turning 23 and thinking “half way from 16 to 30. Doesn’t feel long since I was 16, therefore not long till I’m 30”.

And now I’m half way from 16 to 68.

And I know many reading this will think “wait till you get to my age”.

But, it’s not easy getting older is it?

Try as you might the body isn’t quite what it used to be.

Doesn’t look and feel like it once did.

More aches and pains.

However long we’ve got, we’re another year closer to death.

Most FitPros won’t talk about death.

But I assume that I’m not the only one that sometimes wakes in the middle of the night with a crushing feeling of absolute dread brought about by the recollection that not only will I die but that my kids will too.

And that it’s perfectly feasible that they could die before me.

We’re not going to do what most FitPros will do and tell you that “age is just a number”.

It’s not.

There’s so much bad stuff that comes with getting older that it’s frankly an insult to dismiss that completely.

But, there is, of course, good to great stuff as well.

All the experiences and the things we’ve done.

Can only ever come with age.

And the more we’re able to concentrate on them, the greater the balance in how we feel.

And, usually, what we appreciate appreciates.

We get more good stuff the more we concentrate on and are thankful for what we’ve already got.

And, whilst our body is going to gradually slide into old age, we can slow that considerably.

We can reverse it to a degree.

Over the years I’ve had many, many people say they’ve felt “the best I have in many, many years” after starting with us.

I’m not going to pretend that looking after our bodies and minds is always (if ever) easy.

But it’s worth it.

And there’s help out there for that –> reply to this with ‘Great’ and we’ll send you the info on how we’ve helped hundred in Macclesfield do exactly that

Much love,

Jon ‘Cheery blog for my birthday that’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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