I saw a video on Facebook today.

If you’re viewing this anywhere other than your email, you’ll be able to see a screengrab that I took from it.

It shows two points, one in the top left of a rectangle and one in the bottom right.

With a number of lines joining the two.

From straight through to different levels of curvature.

Imagine them as a series of tracks or slides running from high to low.

And imagine a ball running down each, powered purely by gravity.

Or imagine yourself on a series of water sides of different curvature.

As the video version showed, they all accelerated at different places and hit the bottom at a different time.

But the interesting thing is the one that got there last.

The one that went down the straight line.

The shortest route.

The shortest route was actually the slowest.

What might initially seem to be the best way to get to somewhere……..

Isn’t necessarily the best way.

As can be the way with our attempts to lose weight, get fit, improve energy, etc.

Theoretically great ways of training and drastic changes to our eating…….

That we do for a week or two at most……….

And then stop because it’s such hard work………

Will not get us there faster than that arguably less effective approach that, give or take, we can keep doing.

Remember – the fastest route between two points isn’t necessarily a straight line!

Much love,

Jon ‘Presume I’m still banned from that waterpark in France that we got kicked out of in 1996’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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