Had a few conversations with some ninjas recently who we’re struggling with making the right food choices.


When we explored a bit a bit further, it became clear in each case that they had the healthy food in, but we’re tempted when it came to ‘choice o’clock’ by the unhealthy food they also had in.


“Why do you have that sort of stuff in the house?” we asked.


“For the kids” came the reply in each case.


It’s a conversation we’ve had countless time over the years.


And we’ve just thought of a new, if somewhat extreme rephrasing of it that might help people make some changes.


Imagine a friend told you s/he’d been self harming.


Using razors lying around the house.


“Well, maybe get rid of the razors. Or a least stop getting more in when you’ve run out” you might say.


“I can’t” they reply. “They’re there so the kids can self harm”.


“What?” is your understandable response.


“I know they should probably do it less, but they keep whinging till I let them”.


“And all their friends all do it, so how am it supposed to stop them?”.


“I always self harmed when I was a kid”.


“A little bit won’t hurt them”.


“I know I shouldn’t do it, but it’s different for kids, isn’t it?”.




As we said, a bit extreme, sure.


But makes you think, doesn’t it.


What’s healthy for adults is healthy for kids.


And he habits we develop in our youth are hard to change in adulthood.


There is, categorically, 100% no reason that the likes of crisps, chocolate coated sugar-bars, biscuits, microwave meals, fizzy drinks, loads of bread, etc are any more or less bad for children than adults.


So there is no reason to have them in other than changing what you’ve always done is challenging.


As always, we’re not going to preach.


We don’t like the idea of ‘telling’ people how to live their lives.


And we’re not having a go at people who self harm – we’ve helped loads of them through that over the years.


Just like to help people question beliefs that might be holding you back.



Much love,


Jon ‘Ate all of the above when young and was fat until I was 21 – but it’s ok, they were all ‘low-fat’ Hall and Matt ‘Self Arming’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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