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Yesterday, in our members’ only group, one of our members Jamie posted “Hoping there is a big pen at the academy tomorrow so I can draw a big fat line under Christmas”


I then posted him this picture.



Note: That’s not actually a massive barbell sized pen really. Perspective innit 😉


Anyhoo, it was a great demonstration there of a mindset change that helps people make long term, lasting progress.


Although Jamie had gained weight over Christmas, he gained less than a normal year.


And he’s already ‘drawn a line’ under it and normal service has resumed.


His average progress over time will continue to be forward.


You can only ever do so much damage over Christmas, holidays, birthdays, etc.


It’s when those things then cause a ‘writing off’ (whatever that means) of the rest of the weekend, week, month or year that it costs up long term success.


Three steps forward, one step back still adds up, over time to a lot of forward steps.


Unlike three steps forward, four steps back.


When any number of steps backwards causing an abandoning of ship.


We all take steps backwards from time to time.


It’s what happens when we do that that is key.


So, if you haven’t already, then borrow Jamie’s massive pen.


And draw a line under Christmas 🙂


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Much love,


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