Down at RISE there is more than one Jon.

There’s Jon the member.

He started out as an in person member and then, when he moved to Scotland, has carried on online ever since.

In my unofficial standings, Jon is joint top (with Lorna) with posting of humorous memes

Both have a somewhat different style of preferred post.

Lorna’s are usually a bit more laugh out loud funny.

Jon’s a bit more existential and, sometimes, darker.

This one went as follow;

Problems that were overblown;

• quicksand
• people offering me drugs
• getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle

Problems I was not sufficiently warned about:

• arguing with robots about unexpected items in bagging areas
• remembering all my passwords
• existential dread

Which is entirely true.

Along with getting my arm broken my a swan, the first list is definitely something that I grew up thinking would be a more frequent problems than they were / are.

I’ve been offered drugs a handful of times, only ever by friends who were then cool when I said no, and am 0 for 43 for years in which I’ve fallen into quicksand, vanished in the Bermuda triangle or got attacked by a swan (let alone got my arm broken).

A lot of our upbringing and education didn’t prepare us for the more frequent challenges of life, in some cases because they’re things that weren’t massively faced by previous generations.

Things such as;

– Tasty, calorie dense food being freely available super convenient

– Other people peer pressuring you into over consuming so it makes them feel better about them doing the same

– Endless confusing and often contradictory messages about what we actually have to do to lose weight and get in better shape

– Having to make an active effort to be active because we spend half our lives sat down

– Many of the places designed to, in theory, help us be more active often being some combination of intimidating, confusing and boring.

These are the kind of problems my Grandad probably couldn’t have imagined that people would need help with.

But they do.

Things change.

And that’s where people like me come in 🙂

If you’re already a member and need help with any (or all) of the above, talk to me – that’s what I’m here for.

If you’re not already a member, what are you waiting for? —>

Much love,

Jon ’99’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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