Just Do It [Nike innit?]

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I’m actually writing this blog on Monday 4th October.

It’s Coaching Day.

The first Monday of the month where we do assessments for as many members as possible.

Along with some interpretation, some goal setting and coaching to help people continue88 or start getting those numbers moving in the direction they would like them to go in.

As a good coach should do, I always ask questions that help people develop their own answers.

That’s infinitely more likely to then happen than things I’ve just told them to do (what most FitPros do).

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I use questions that start with What, Why, Who, When and How.

To help guide their train of thought.

Open questions that generate conversation and deeper insights.

Rather than closed questions that lead to a “Yes” or a “No”.

Or, as I’ve been meaning to cover in a blog, the modern version of “No” – “Yeah, but…….”

Often it takes a few layers of questions.

To “peel back the onion” so to speak.

The first question often gets answered with “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”.

Because that’s what we’ve been taught (by Nike particularly) is the approach that works.

“Just Do It”.

To just get on with it.

And whilst, as we’ve covered many times, it’s action that produces results, not theory………….

A bit of thought about our choices of actions can make them way more likely to actually happen.

Imagine you’re on a 100m track.

With Usain Bolt.

Who would win?

You probably said Bolt.

But you need context to answer that question best.

Where on the track are you both?

If he’s in the blocks and you’re at the 90m mark, it’s a different answer.

What if he’s at 10m stood still and you’re at 70m already at full speed?

He’s facing the wrong way and you the right way?

You’re playing tiddlywinks (I didn’t say you were running in first question).

Action is what gets you there, sure.

But only the (sufficiently) right actions.

Action in the wrong direction at the wrong time using the wrong resources increases the likelihood of failure.

So, some better questions to ask yourself:

1. Is this part of my process?

Is this the right thing to do for me, for whatever reason?

The right way of eating, of exercising, or working.

At the right time and in the right way for me?

2. Will this take me to where I really want to go?

Will doing this genuinely get me where I want to get to?

“Eating healthily” and / or “cutting out XYZ” doesn’t automatically mean you’ll lose weight.

Being in a calorie deficit of anything does.

3. Do I have the resources needed in order to complete the process?

Does it require time, money, effort, energy or whatever else that I’m willing to ‘invest’?

If not, could I reassign some of them from elsewhere?

Or could I do something that will still take me in the direction that I want to go in but requires less resources?

Much love,

Jon ‘Ignore the negative (MTFU)’ Hall

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