Just don’t eat that apple, yeah? Healthy eating approaches

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Now, I’m no Bible expert.


But IIRC, the main thing God told Adam and Eve to not do was eating that apple.


He also gave them lots of things to do.


“Be fruitful and multiply.”


“Fill the earth.”


######## My apologies if I’m absolutely butchering the story, but the point will still be valid. Hopefully ########


Lots of things to do.


One to not.


What do they do?


Eat the blooming apple.


But that’s what us humans do.


Feel we’re being told we can’t do something.


And we rebel.


We go and do it.


Possibly more than we would’ve otherwise.


Often cutting off our nose to spite our faces.


It’s why a lot of eating approaches don’t work long term.


People feel controlled (check myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you like the sound of a supportive approach that lets you make your own decisions rather than telling you what to do and then making you feel bad when you struggle to do it).


They don’t like the feeling of being restricted.


Of being told what they can and can’t eat.


What was once exciting and new becomes annoying.


It’s why we’ll never tell you what you should eat.


We’re all adults for a start.


I’m not your mum.


But I also know that telling you what to do will probably lead to you doing the opposite long term.


It does with me.


So – do what you want.


Eat what you like.


We’ll just, maybe, help you remind you of the implications of some of those choices.


And to help you question some of the mindsets, beliefs, habits and so on that surrounds all that.


Eat that ‘apple’ if you like.


Just remember that it might be denying human kind everlasting life.


Or a slighter less dramatic, but still worth considering, equivalent something in your life.



Much love,


Jon ‘Kane’ Hall and Matt ‘Jeffrey Archer’ Nicholson




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