I was chatting to some of our ninjas after a session the other day.


About sleep.


It’s something that more people than care to admit struggle with.


And an oft underestimated part of the old health / weight loss equation.


The combinations of the stresses and strains of everyday life……..


And levels of stimulation (mainly caffeine and firing hundreds of images per second into our brains)………


Mean many people struggle to fall asleep well.


Or wake regularly.


Or wake and struggle to get back off.


In this conversation, a couple of members expressed that the stayed up late.


As when they went to bed earlier they struggled to drop off and stressed about it.


Making the problem worse.


And they’d actually drop off later than if they had gone to bed at the later time.


The further we delved into it, the more we realised that they were, for them, focusing on the wrong thing.


The final result.


And, much like the other day when we talked about the outcome goal of weighing 10 stone……..


Being a source of daily failure until it’s finally hit……..


And how process goals were a better approach for many……..


We soon realised that the process goal as a target here made more sense.


You can’t ‘make yourself’ sleep.


But you can make yourself do certain things that might help with sleep.


So, the member suggested that they try;


1. No caffeine after lunch


2. The final hour before bed to involve little or no ‘tech’ (TV, iPad, phone, etc)


3. To be in bed by 11pm.


What actually happened then was ‘taken off the table’.


The outcome of sleep wasn’t the target.


Those three process goals were.


And, do you know what happened?


By the third night sleep had improved hugely!


If you struggle with sleep, try the above.


And, maybe, a magnesium salt bath before.


If your struggling with anything else……..


Take that ‘outcome’ off the table.


Concentrate on the processes.


The ‘little wins’ you can hit daily.


That will get you there 🙂

Much love,


Jon ‘Gatecrasher’ Hall and Matt ‘The Leadmill’ Nicholson


P.S. Very tricky middle names there, so 20 points for those. Those with a South Yorkshire connection (Alex, Anne, Sam, Jason, Adam, etc – I’m looking at you) should get them.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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