Out of all the things we’ve seen over the years that set people up for failure, this is one of the biggest.


People often set themselves too big a goal to begin with.


And when they don’t quite hit it, they stop altogether.


You know – “I’m going to go to the gym for an hour and a half four times a week”.


And stop when they can only make two one week.


Or don’t bother if they only have 30 minutes spare.


Or “I’m never going to eat …. again”.


And start mainlining it when they have one mouthful.


A great way to set yourself up for success is to set what we call a ‘Minimum Achievable Goal’.


Something you can definitely do, no matter what.


And will probably massively over achieve on.


With exercise, it could be something like “I will walk through the front door of the gym / RISE 3 times a week.”


Is there any reason you can’t do that?




You’ll probably end up staying and having a workout too.


With food it could be something like “I’m going to stop and think for 5 seconds before I eat anything”.


You may still end up eating it.


But I reckon overall you’ll eat better.


You get the idea – set yourself a goal that there really is no excuse for not achieving.


Then watch yourself smash it 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Smashie’ Hall and Matt ‘Nicey’ Nicholson

Just walk through the door | Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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