Last Tuesday I went to Leisure Industry Week and The N.E.C. in Birmingham.


Andy and Kirsty came with me.


They are Ninja Coaches at RISE in case you didn’t know.


Like all our staff, they started as members.


Then trained up to become part of the team.


Kirsty first joined two years ago.


And, during the journey down to Birmingham, she commented that this was the longest she’d “ever kept anything up”.


Health and fitness related that is.


She followed that by saying it was really something she felt she had to ‘keep up’.


Because she enjoyed it.


And that, as we often say, is the key.


Imagine if someone said to you;


“You know, I’ve kept up going out at the weekend for 4 years now”


Or “You know, I’ve managed to stick with watching Corrie / East Enders / Game Of Thrones for years now”


Or “I’ve just realised I’ve kept going with eating chocolate at least once a week for two decades”


You’d think it was a bit of an odd thing to say, no?


Because they, clearly, enjoy those things.


There is no ‘sticking with it’ or ‘keeping it up’.


You do it because you want to.


Or, at the very least, because you’ve made it a non negotiable you can tolerate.


Imagine: “I’ve stuck to doing to school run for three years now”


Or “I’ve kept going to work since I was 18”


You get the idea.


When you see what you’re doing as something you have to make yourself do.


When it’s about willpower, restriction and motivation.


It’s hard to stick to.


Find something that you enjoy……..


Or at least is tolerable………..


And it becomes a very different ball game.


Other FitPros often ask us how we motivate our members.


The answer is “We don’t”.


You can’t.


It’s impossible to keep motivating people for long enough for them to get there.


If it was, the myriad of motivational memes on Facebook would have done it.


Instead, we’ve created a community and a set up that allows people’s internal motivation to come through.


If you’re enjoying what you’re doing, then crack on!


If you’re not, maybe it’s time to look at another option?


## You can find out more about that tonight, if you haven’t already –> ##



Much love,


Jon ‘Stuck with beer for nearly two decades now’ Hall and Matt ‘Committed to Game of Thrones’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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