You may have heard that I got married on Friday.


The hundreds of posts on Facey were a clue 😉


Twas an awesome day – absolutely perfect.


One of the reasons we chose the venue was a funky cellar bar we were allowed after the main party closed at midnight.


Quite a few of the guests came down for a drink there but then soon headed back to bed.


From 1.30am onwards there remained just the seven of us.


Myself, Alex (the wife), Matt, Toni, Toni’s other half Chris and members Darren and Heather.


All active ninjas or those that follow the ninja lifestyle.




We thought it was a great example of what it does for you.


We’ve always said we’re not about living like monks.


We were all somewhat inebriated, we’ll freely admit.


How else can you explain Darren appearing with a 5 foot long sword and threatening to spank us 😉


But we were all still going and full of beans after everyone else had crashed.


That we were able to create a human plank pyramid at 2.30am says it all surely 😉


We’ve often said that weight loss is kind of “what we have to put above the door to get people in”.


Because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to think is what’s important.


But we’re much more about helping people create and live lives that they love.


Eating well 95%+ of the time and exercising effectively and regularly enabled us to have an awesome time.


After been woken by the kids at 5am on Friday I was able to fully enjoy a 15 hour wedding party then get up the next day after three hours sleep and drive the family to Wales for our ‘mini-moon’.


Now, I know a few of you will be questioning how drinking and a lack of sleep fit into what we recommend.


But that’s kind of missing the point.


Healthy living the vast majority of the time isn’t just about looking better.


It’s about being able to live the life you want.


Always worth remembering when you’re losing motivation or the scales aren’t shifting.


It’s not just about the weight.


Much love,



Jon ‘Keep finding ridiculous photos of Darren’ Hall and Matt ‘Where was Amanda at 3am?’ Nicholson


P.S. For anyone who’s missed it, the find-out-more meeting is in a couple of weeks:


P.P.S. Alex actually was only 15 minutes late – so 5 minutes earlier than I expected 😉

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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