I was listening to a podcast the other day.


We both listen to podcasts and audiobooks regularly.


A good way to double up the benefit of driving time – get somewhere and learn something.


In this was the guy on it was talking abut your ‘launch sequence’.


The first few things you do in a day.


That set you up for the day in the best way.


That first 30-60 minutes have a huge impact over how the rest of the day goes.


With a space shuttle if the launch sequence doesn’t go in an optimal way, it’s guaranteed the rest of the process won’t go great.


So, are you first minutes setting you up for success of failure later on?


Take these two scenarios (ignore the kids but if you don’t have them):


Keep hitting snooze. Get up at the last possible minute. Skip breakfast. Give the kids something crappy like a sugar laden cereal. No lunch prepped. Rush round like Usain Bolt on speed. Neck a couple of coffees. Everyone’s getting stressed. Rush out the front door and onto the school run and work.




The night before you’ve got some stuff for breakfast and lunch out the freezer. When your alarm goes, pop downstairs and put anything that’s not pre-prepared on to cook or warm up. 5 minutes meditation. 3 minute stretch. 3 minutes planning your day – what are the key outcomes you want to achieve at work and in your personal life. Get the kids up and dressed in the clothes you’d left out the night before. Have breakfast together. Pack up the food you’ve got for lunch. Head off to work / school with a clear idea of what you want to do and achieve that day.


Sure, Option 2 will take a little more time.


But only a little.


And it’d be worth it.


So – have a look at your ‘Launch Sequence’.


And see how it can be tweaked to help the rest of the day.


And let us know what you try.


Much love,


Jon ‘Apollo 13’ Hall and Matt ‘Buzz Lightyear’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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