Hi all.


So I have made it to the end of the 28 day body transformation.  Has my body been transformed?   In all honesty, no it hasn’t. I am still fat. BUT my life has been transformed in other ways as a result of the process I have gone through over the past month. I have discovered that even I can enjoy exercise, and not just that, I want to exercise and if for some reason i miss a session, I feel guilty. Not because I am going to get told off by someone or because I am wasting money, but because I now feel it is an important part of my life and I owe it to myself to do it. I even created my own session and did it in a hotel room while I was in the US on business. Anybody that knew me BRISE (before guaranteed fitness) would laugh at the suggestion that I would exercise of my own accord let alone when away with work…

I am also more conscious about my health. As you know, I have not really stuck to the eating plan over the past month, which was a conscious decision after some struggles and subsequent discussions with Jon (deal with one thing at a time so that I am more likely to succeed), but I have been more aware about what I choose to eat. I examine why I want something before I eat it to try and identify thought processes (unfortunately my will power has yet to catch up: I think about what I am about to eat and then go for it anyway!).  Oh well, as I said in my last post, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


So, I had my bio sig last week. Waiting in the car before hand was worse than sitting in a dentist waiting room. I knew my diet had been bad, and I wasn’t convinced that the exercise would counter-balance it. I was wrong! I had stayed the same on the scales but had managed to lose 5lb in body fat. That is not huge amounts but it is a start… When I start to address the food situation I hope to see some radical changes.


So will I be sticking with RISE? Definitely. Not only am I in the process of respecting my body more, but I am also making some good friends. I just need to cut the processed crap out of my diet and I will start to feel proud to be me again.


Hope this is helping others on their respective journeys.


L x


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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