Hi all,


Sorry for the radio silence. My last blog was at the end of February when I was about to embark on the 28 DBT. My bio sig was booked for the coming Monday and I had chosen my first sessions for the coming week when I got a call that changed everything. My mum had collapsed at a dinner party and had been rushed to hospital. She was diagnosed with severe acute pancreatitis and so started a long stay in intensive care and my whole world vaulting upside down.

My mum was discharged from hospital on Thursday after a nine week stay, and so begins the long recovery. I now have to start getting my life back on track. Long discussions with my mum have made me re-evaluate what is important – life is too precious to take it for granted. Mum was told she wouldn’t have survived if she wasn’t so healthy – not many people can cope with the total destruction of the pancreas, complete respiratory and partial renal failure – and it makes me horrified by how much I have taken my body and my relative health for granted.


I now have more incentive than ever to lose the weight and to get my life in balance. I will take control and I will treat myself with more respect. Starting with the may 28DBT. I am about to book in for my bio sig and then get underway. I will send my next update after the bio sig and keep you posted on my progress.


I hope my blog will be useful, please let me know if you need me to elaborate on any elements of my journey to becoming mrs healthy.


All the best,


Laura x

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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