In Mondays blog, I referenced the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Commando.

Which, let’s face it, is one of the greatest films of all time.

Top two with Citizen Kane I believe 🤣

There’s a coincidental theme this week with 1985 films (Back to the Future yesterday).

At the start of the film, a number of Arnie’s former unit are killed by then unknown mercenaries.

In one scenario, the mercenaries have commandered a rubbish truck which they drive onto the road of their target and, when he runs out with the bins, they shoot him.

As RISE member Lee (coincidentally exactly the same age as Helen mentioned yesterday – a quick check shows they were born one week apart) regularly points out to me, this is an overly complicated method.

Knowing where their target lives, they could just have gone round and shot him through his bedroom window.

Instead that plan relies on getting the truck, their target being woken by the distant sound of a truck driving down his street, for him not to be put off that it’s a different day than collections normally are and for him to get all his stuff together and get to the bottom of the drive whilst no one else on the road does the same.

Lee gets so animated whilst enacting a fictional conversation between the mercenaries where they decide this plan.

Lee is a mate as well as a member, and I’m sure he would be disappointed if I wrote a a blog about him in which I didn’t take the mickey.

He’s right thought – it’s a much more complicated plan than it needs to be.

As can be a lot of our methods to get in shape.

I can almost imagine a conversation where people come up with different points based systems for diets.

Person 1: “Ok, how about we assign a points value for different meals where a point is the equivalent of 25 calories”

Person 2: “Yeah, great idea. And we could say that for some lower calorie things they are zero points and you can have as much as you’d like. Because lots of small numbers don’t add up to bigger numbers. I’m pretty sure that’s how maths works anyway”

Person 3: “Why not just go off the number of calories? That’s already on every single bit of food labelling and easy to find on apps and on the internet. This feels like we’re adding an extra step that makes it both harder to do and less accurate.”

Person 1: “Shut up”

Person 2: “We like our idea”

Sometimes more complicated plans with extra steps are good.

Usually the simpler and easier the better.

Much love,

Jon ‘Red Sonia’ Hall

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Jon Hall
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