Over the last few days we’ve talked about the value of specific short to medium term goals with accountability and ‘skin in the game’.


I know not everyone is a fan of short term goals.


Particularly of the quick weight loss variety.


We mentioned this last week.


The key with the achievement of any goal………


Physical or other……….


Is to have a planned transition after.


Into something longer term.


You wouldn’t work particularly hard for a few months to get a promotion at work………


Then completely stop working.


You don’t cram for an exam then stop learning.


You don’t do overtime to (for example) pay for Christmas, then not turn up for work the next week.


Completely stopping what we’ve done short term and returning to old habits………


And undoing all the good work………


Is, of course, not a good plan.


Moving into a ‘maintenance phase’……….




Even allowing a slight dip in some areas while we concentrate on others is cool.


If a short term goal inspires you and helps you get results, then go for it.


Just plan what happens after that goal has passed 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Transistor Radio’ Hall and Matt ‘Transformer’ Nicholson


P.S. Yesterday’s middle names were, of course, X-Factor winner songs. In an interesting aside Shayne Ward goes to some of the same baby groups I do.




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