Turns out I lied when I said I was going to do five blogs on this.


This is number four and I think I’ll have covered the points I want to make.


People have been asking me about how hard it was to get back into my old shape for my match.


Here’s the honest answer.


In some ways it was hard.


But it some ways it wasn’t so much.


Sure, I trained harder than usual…….


But I didn’t really do any more exercise.


Either in frequency or session length.


I just pushed myself a bit more as I had that focus.


There was no extra time needed.


And even when people haven’t been exercising, the move to three sessions a week isn’t as big as it can feel before hand.


2 1/4 hours needed out of 168.


135 minutes out of 10,080.


1.4% of the week (7 days to the find out more meeting if you’re feeling ready to invest that amount of your week in yourself –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


I ate a bit better.


But didn’t have to spend any more time, effort or money on my food.


If anything a bit less of each.


‘Better’ choices in my main meals.


Leaving the ‘extras’ that might sometimes slip in there.


## Having puddings, snacks, etc on top of main meals is actually more effort than not having them, of course ##


Cutting portion sizes a little here and there.


Most of the difficulties in the changes we might need to make to get in shape……….


Are in our heads.


Mine included.


That resistance to change.


The fear of failure.


That ‘ease’ of old habits that we’re used to, don’t have the think about, and find nice and easy.


The questioning of “if it’s worth it”.


But, the actual stuff we need to do?


Rarely as big a deal as our minds can tell us.


That’s one thing that people often tell us a few weeks into their journey.


That “it’s nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be”.


I’m not saying it’s easy.


But, as I’ve been reminded over the last few weeks………..


It’s rarely as hard as we’ve been telling ourselves.



Much love,


Jon ‘Like a Sunday Morning’ Hall and Matt ‘Cause breaking up is so very hard to do’ Nicholson




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