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You may know from previous blogs (or because we’re pals) that I have two sons who live half the week with us in Macc and half in Bakewell.

They’re, essentially, based over there though – schools, football teams, etc.

So I have a lot of driving to Bakewell and back every week.

Sometimes I come back in-between school runs.

Sometimes I spend the day over there working and other bits and bobs.

On a Friday morning I drop them off then make the 9am workout at FitMissions – an independent facility in Bakewell that’s somewhat similar to us.

Straight after I go to the petrol station over the road.

Fill up with fuel.

Vacuum the inside of the car.

And wash it.

I always go to that one as both the vacuum and car wash take contactless payments.

No having to bring cash or go in and buy tokens.

I just use the minimum spend on both.

Six minutes vacuum.

Four minutes car wash.

Doesn’t sound a lot.

But it’s enough.

For a number of reasons.

Which I’ll cover over the next few days.

And, more importantly, the parallels for you.

You got it – I’m going to try and get several days of blogs out of me washing my car.

If you’re not sure you can handle the excitement, it’s OK to ‘get off’ now 😉

So, the first one.

It’s easier to keep up than catch up.

When I don’t do the car for a while, it’s takes more time, and effort, to clean it.


And our body is the same.

We tell ourselves that “It’s not worth” doing one workout in a week.

Or doing a shorter, home workout.

Or doing an online Session when we can’t get to RISE.

But a single workout will probably, at least, maintain us where we are.

Stop us regressing.

Slipping back.

Losing that little bit of fitness and energy.

That little dip in mood.

A tiny bit less healthy.

Doing that single workout, when we might have told ourselves there’s no point, stops us going into next week a little further behind.

It also, as we’ve covered recently, makes it more likely that we will exercise next week.

But that’s a different point.

Regular (if less frequent than we’d, ideally, like) exercise is the equivalent to keeping our car reasonably clean.

And maintaining it fairly well.

It’s then not a massive effort to pull it back to where we might like it every now and again.

Start missing the odd weeks?

They soon add up.

It starts to turn into “a bit of a tip”.

Becomes a progressively bigger thing “to sort”.

Catching up is always so much harder than keeping up overall.

So, if doing the equivalent of getting your car immaculate seems “too much” now……….

Then let’s just start keeping it where it is?

A bit of exercise.

Better food choices than you could make.

——— It’s www.myrise.co.uk/apply if you’d like some proven support with that ——–

You might, at times, feel you can start to “catch up” a little.

Sometimes it might just be keeping up.

Whatever the case, it’ll always be easier if you haven’t “fallen further behind”.

Much love,

Jon ‘The kids treat the car like a storage unit’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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