I was at the wife (as she is now)’s works Summer Ball the other weekend.


As part of the entertainment there was a roulette wheel and BlackJack table.


Dressed in my DJ (not Tux – I’m not American) I felt like a proper James Bond.


We all had some fake cash to spend.


And needless to say, I blew mine pretty quick.


You could argue it was bad luck.


But, to be honest, I’m no BlackJack expert.


I know how to play, but the fact that I have friends that consistently win more often than I do, suggests there’s more to it than I know.




It got me thinking about ye olde weight loss game.


About how a lot of people who aren’t succeeding in it, blame ‘luck’.


They are unlucky with their genes, you see.


They’re not like their ‘lucky friend’ who seems to be able to eat anything they like without gaining weight.


And it might be true that their friend does have a ‘better metabolism’.




It’s also always true that that person hasn’t consistently applied and mastered the basic skills needed.


Just as a bad BlackJack player will probably be playing against the other players, rather than the dealer……


Or is playing on intuition rather than calculating probabilities¬† ……


And can’t update those probabilities based on what’s gone before……


Luck is an element…..


But can’t really be blamed when the basics aren’t being done consistently.


An unsuccessful weight loser won’t be applying all the same techniques as a successful one WITH THE SAME LUCK AS THEM DOES.


Sure, some people respond differently to the same food and exercise.


Just as some people are naturally faster or slower.


Some naturally more or less intelligent.


Some people naturally better or worse at cards.


It isn’t luck.




There are plenty of people out there on the level playing field……


Who are performing better ……


Because they consistently apply the basics.


Practicing and mastering them.


And avoiding the things that will make them worse.


Not sure what those basics are or need help applying them consistently? That’s what we do – myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.


If you CONSISTENTLY eat well and train properly and aren’t getting results, then fair enough – it is bad luck.


If you’re not doing the first two and not getting the third…..


That’s like someone who hasn’t learned how to play BlackJack properly blaming their luck.



Much love,


Jon ‘OddJob’ Hall and Matt ‘JAWS’ Hall


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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