So, on Saturday, Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the new leader of the Labour party.


We’re not normally massively into politics, but it’s been interesting to see all the ‘conversation’ surrounding this.


Greeted with great optimism by some and predictions of gloom from others.


But not much inbetween.


Little of the indifference that met Ed Miliband during his time as leader.


Irrespective of what those views actually are, Jeremy Corbyn’s views are clear.


And he’s very happy to tell people them.


They are polarizing.


People seem to be for or against them.


We’re struggling to remember a single policy or viewpoint of the Miliband campaign.




One of the reasons people like so what we do so much is also the reason some people don’t.


We make it very clear what we believe and what we think is the way forward.


No hiding behind the ‘professional’ mask that most FitPros do.


Where they’re afraid to say anything that might offend anyone.


And all blend into one faceless, vanilla, interchangeable mass.


We believe in real food, not crappy meal replacements, ‘juices’ and ‘cleanses’.


Structured, progressive, functional and fun workouts in a group setting, rather than boring and / or random bits of ‘movement’.


We believe in challenging people’s mindsets and self limiting beliefs rather than just ‘holding their hands’ and sympathising with them.


We believe in talking to you how we talk in real life (occasional swear words and all), not the strange split personalities most in our industry have – talking one way with clients and completely differently behind closed doors.


Some people love the above things.


Some hate it.


Bit like Marmite 😉


But you know what you’re getting with us 🙂


BTW – The briefing meeting is in a couple of weeks, if you want to find out more – 🙂




Your life is the same too, you know.


Life is both too short and too long to pretend to be someone else.


Living you life as the version of you you think you should be is the quickest way to unhappiness, stress and burn-out.


You are you.


If some people don’t like that, tough shit (there we go again)!


That’s their problem, not yours.


You shouldn’t have to pretend to be someone else to keep them happy.


Remember that!



Much love,


Jon ‘Smith’ Hall and Matt ‘Foot’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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