One of our lovely ninjas made a comment of Facey the other day that made us smile.


Can’t remember who it was though and can’t find it now – our bad 🙁


It was along the lines of “I’m going to do a Worzel Gummidge and get my head on straight”.


In regards to ‘getting back on it’ after a few bad days.


Thought it was a good way to think about it.


When faced with challenges, take a moment to actually stop and think.


To, figuratively, ‘put your head on’.


We often talk about how much of the stuff we do that’s bad for us is done on auto-pilot.


Popping things in your mouth “without really thinking about it”.


Buying crap when in the supermarket because you’re so used to it.


Tucking into the cake and biscuits at work because that’s what you’ve always done.


And so on.


But when you put a little gap in there, it’s often a different story.


Just taking a second or two to think about what you’re about to do.


To remind yourself of what you really want in life (your ‘why’).


And thinking about how what you’re thinking of doing ties in with that.


‘Putting your head on’ if you will.


Sometimes you’ll still make the same decision.


But we usually find you’ll make it much less frequently if you take those two seconds to ‘put your head on’.


Give it a go!


Much love,


Jon ‘Saucy Nancy’ Hall and Matt ‘Aunt Sally’ Nicholson

Lessons from Worzel Gummidge Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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