LFGL #2 – It’s not as hard as we think

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So, yesterday I talked about how getting super lean for my birthday was a useful reminder of the time, effort, energy, etc that goes into making a change.

But, funnily enough, at the same time, it was a reminder that…………..

It’s not as hard as we think.

For years I’d been telling myself I was happy with the shape I was in.

For the effort it took.

It was a good balance I would say.

To myself and others.

I could be in better shape, but didn’t feel it worth the effort it would require.

Looking back now, it took less actual ‘effort’ than I thought.

Most of it was ‘mental’.

I worked out a little more often and for a bit longer – but not much.

It was mainly that I had more focus and put more effort into the workouts.

But little extra time was needed.

Much of the food side was just tracking what I ate with MyFitnessPal and keeping it within the numbers that I knew would work.

As I always say – a bit of a ‘pain in the a&se’.

But not that much.

Some tactical swaps here and there.

Mainly in the meals I eat by myself – more veg to keep portion size up while calories drop.

And for family meals, just making sure I didn’t have ‘too much’ to take me out of my targets.

The ‘step’ from what I was doing before to what needed to be done wasn’t massive.

Not as big as I’d been telling myself.

And that’s the key.

Taking ‘steps’ that are worthwhile.

But not out of our reach.

Going from not exercising for months or years to doing one bit of exercise per week (on average) is more than doable, no?

Spending 15 minutes getting the hang of MyFitnessPal and then a few minutes per meal recording what we’re doing to get clarity on what changes we could make isn’t out of reach, is it?

Going to be a little earlier, drinking a bit more water and so on aren’t that big a deal, no?

Sure, it’s ‘more’.

More time, energy, effort, etc.

But it’s, perhaps, not as much as we’re telling ourselves.

Maybe it is to go twenty steps down the line and look like a professional athlete.

But to go a step or two in the right direction from where we are now?

And then, maybe, another, when we’ve got used to that?

It feels a lot as we’re starting.

And when we stop, starting again feels a lot (clicking this link can be the hardest step. But it’ll be the most worthwhile one –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting. Last chance for another month……………).

But when we’ve ‘done it’ and look back, it was rarely as much as we’d told ourselves it would be.

Much love,

Jon ‘Knock Life’ Hall and Matt ‘Rock Cafe’ Nicholson

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