LFGL #3- I knew he’d be messaging me

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One thing I did do to get in top shape recently, that I haven’t done for quite a while, was hire a nutrition coach.

I have a general coach that I’ve been working with for a number of years.

And have various people I can turn to and / or pay for advice and direction.

Remember – beware the coach without a coach. They either have every single aspect of their life absolutely perfect (unlikely) or they don’t believe in coaching as much as they tell you they do.

I subscribed to a programme with Fit:Pro I know called Dan.

In my case, it wasn’t with an expectation to learn.

I did pick up a few pointers from him, but that wasn’t really what I needed.

It was that level of accountability.

Knowing that someone would be checking in with me.

Seeing if I’d done what I’d said I would.

Sure, I could’ve ignore him.

Short of coming round to people’s houses (which would be a bit weird), there’s only so much us coaches can do.

But knowing that I’d have someone asking if I’d done it………..

Made it that more likely I would do it.

Particularly right near the end when the workouts became a lot more low intensity cardio – rather boring and I probably wouldn’t have done it if left to my own devices.

Note: Low intensity cardio is somewhat beneficial when leaning out the last few percent, not really worth it when looking to lose more weight compared to the same time spent, for example, food prepping.

That little bit of accountability was, and can be, sufficient.

If we need someone to be checking in on us everyday and badgering is, that ain’t going to get us anywhere.

We clearly just don’t want to do that thing.

Setting an intention for the coming week and then having someone check if you’ve done what you said you would (cough ** Touch Base and Habit Goal for member ** cough ** checking myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’d like that bit of accountability ** cough. Next month’s briefing meeting details are up there) is, in our opinion, the right balance.

If someone isn’t even willing to spend a couple of minutes using that system, they clearly wouldn’t use one that involved more time and stuff to do.

Much love,

Jon ‘In a bottle’ Hall and Matt ‘The Queen’s Christmas’ Nicholson

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