LFGL #4 – Why we stop

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As I’ve mentioned in the last few blogs, part of me getting super lean for my 40th was tracking my food.

Apart, perhaps, from the last few weeks, that didn’t really involve changing much.

Just that bit of focus on what I was doing, stopping when I’d had ‘enough’ and questioning some of the ‘extras’ that could’ve ‘sneaked in’.

It’s the longest I’ve ever tracked my food consistently for.

If I had a pound for every time someone said “I presume you’re going to stop tracking after you birthday”, I’d have, well, maybe twenty pounds.

I won’t be retiring, but it’s been mentioned, shall we say.

And I get that.

Part of me thinks that way.

It’s human nature.

To do something that’s working.

To lose weight, get fitter, feel better, have more energy, etc.

And then stop.

Only to return to where we we.

Potentially to repeat indefinitely.

Yo-yo-ing back and forth..

So, the question should, perhaps, be asked…………….


Why do we stop doing things that are helping us?

I may be wrong here (and Lee and Jamie will be the first the jump on it, if I am)……………

But we stop when we’ve been ‘moving away’ from something.

Not so much when we have something to move towards.

We’re in pain.

And we want to get out of pain.

We get out of pain.

And forget what it was like.

It’s a bit like taking painkillers.

Then stopping after a few days as we can’t feel the pain.

Only for it to come back.

Potentially only ever taking our ‘medication’ when it becomes too painful.

We start (or re-start) something because we’re not happy.

With our weight.

The way our body looks.

How it feels.

And what we do changes that.

We feel and look better.

Enough so we’re not quite in the pain we were before.

And we stop taking that medicine.

Sliding slowly back to where we were.

And repeat.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with moving away from something.

But, perhaps, the best approach, is to have something to move towards too.

We start a race by running away from the start line.

But only ever finish it by running to the finish.

Tracking my food regularly has got me the ‘furthest’ I ever have before.

A new goal that requires a continuation of that will help me go further.

Or, at least, maintain.

Stopping will only lead to slide backwards.

And we’ll all have an equivalent.

It might involve tracking our food.

It might not.

Could be something else completely.

But if ‘moving out of pain’ has only ever led you to getting in and out of the same pain repeatedly……………

Maybe finding a pleasure to move towards will help?

One not ‘too far’ away.

Something to hit, celebrate, be pleased with…………..

And then move onto the next goal.

Much love,

Jon ‘Right now, thank you very much’ Hall and Matt ‘You don’t even know Kung Fu’ Nicholson

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