Saw this great little quote the other day.

“Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourself”
One of the most important steps that people make in beginning their journey of change (whether it be weight loss / fitness or self improvement or job change, etc) is to take that ownership of what’s happening to them.
To stop allowing everything else that’s happening to be an excuse.
To stop looking for that easy way out – the remote.
And to make the decision to get up a change it themselves.
There’s plenty of people out there (like our good selves) who can help.
But we can’t get you to do it.
This even applies when you’re already doing it.
We often get members who find this happens several times along their journey.
When their result plateau.
When they realise that the changes they’ve made so far have got them this far, but the other stuff we’ve “been banging on about” needs to be done as well to get them any further.
People sometimes get right on with the exercise side of what we do.
But keep “doing their own thing” food wise.
Or “carrying on eating crap rather than eating healthily” as you could say.
The L.E.A.N. System has always been about the combined effects of Lifetyle, Exercise and Nutrtion with good Adherence.
So it’s no surprise when just doing one only gets people so far.
So, any time you feel the need for change.
Or to speed up the change.
Or stop it slowing down.
Then stop looking for that remote.
And get up and change it yourself.
Much love,
Jon ‘Remote Chance Of Rain’ Hall and Matt ‘Universal Remote’ Nicholson
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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