As I mentioned earlier in the week, most of us parents are well into school performance season.


On Wednesday I had two more.


The latter one was my middle son’s school nativity – Wriggly Nativity.


One of the songs was that classic ‘Little Donkey’.


You know the one.


Abut the donkey carrying Mary to Bethlehem.


“Got to keep on plodding onwards” goes one of the lines.


Possibly one of the most important adjustment people make before they go on the lasting success in the old weight loss, health and fitness game.


When they ‘stop stopping’.


Joining somewhere in January, stopping at some point and then repeating the next year will never get someone all the way to where they’d like to be.


## Nothing wrong with joining somewhere in January of course 😉 –> ##


Continuing to plod away is the only answer.


Sometimes you may get a nice downhill stretch.


And break into a canter.


Sometime you might get a bit lost and go the wrong way.


It might be a continued case of “two steps forward, one step back”.


But those forward steps all add up and you get there.


If you stop stopping.
Much love,


Jon ‘Benjamin’ and Matt ‘Eeyore’ Nicholson





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