So, apparently, there are people out there who haven’t seen the Disney film ‘Frozen’ 47 times.


People who don’t have a little girl in the house.


Tis a good film though.


With some funky songs.


With good messages


There’s a good line in’Fixer Upper’.


“People make bad choices if they’re mad or scared or stressed”.


True dat!


We talk about the impact of stress on weight gain and loss.


Not just the hormonal balance implications and how it can make you store fat more readily and / or make it harder to release.


But also how it’s harder to make good choices with food, drink, etc when you’re stressed.


People often don’t like to admit that they are stressed.


It’s seen as a sign of weakness by some.


But we’re all more stressed then we should be.


When we were cavemen we had occasional bursts of extreme stress.


You know – getting attacked by a sabre-toothed tiger and the like.


But very little stress most of the time.


But nowadays our stress levels are constantly somewhat elevated.


You know – that ‘feeling’ that we may feel the need to escape from by having a drink or two.


There’s nothing wrong with realising that stresses affect the quality of choices you make.


Most people find the same.


Realising that is a start to changing it.


You can either start to change some of the causes of stress in your life (and everyone can make some improvements, even though it might be impossible to get rid completely).


Or, just being aware can help.


Stopping for a moment or two and thinking about your stress levels and how they are impacting your thoughts won’t always make you do things differently.


But it definitely will sometimes.


You get the idea – try and reduce sources of stress and be mindful of it when it’s there and you’ll be on to a winner.



Much love,


Jon ‘Me, my girlfriend and her daughter did a ‘Which Frozen character are you?’ quiz on Facebook recently. Izzie was Ana, the beautiful princess. I was Olaf the loveable snowman. Alex was Hilda. The troll’ Hall and Matt ‘Only likes to tinkle in the woods’ Nicholson

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