T’other night I was helping my eldest with his Maths homework.

Fairly simple stuff it is.

He’s only 6.

But you can see the progression built into the teaching progress.

As he masters each level, he’s given more challenging work.

There would be no point giving him complex algebra now.

It’s the same with how to eat to improve your body, life, health, etc.

What we advise (natural foods, equal mix of protein, fat and carbs) will get someone at least 80% of the way there.

There’s then ‘more advanced’ stuff that can be done to get that ‘beach body’.

But until someone’s mastered the basics and taken them as far as they’ll go, there’s no point looking at a advanced stuff.

What chance do they have of implementing something more complicated and difficult if they can’t do the ‘easier’ stuff yet.

People often come to us when their progress isn’t what it should be and ask about some ‘advanced’ nutritional¬† approach they’ll have heard about.

But they’re still eating cereal for breakfast.

And / or a sandwich for lunch.

Not getting much water in them.

Snacking on crisps and biscuits.

And so on.

Until they’ve got the hang of JERFing (Just Eat Real Food) and a real ‘Balanced Diet’, there’s little point adding something more advanced that will then be something else they’ll struggle to implement.

And then feel bad about.

You get the point.

Master the basics first.

Consistently and for time.

And when they stop producing results, we can look at something more advanced.

Much love,

Jon ‘Back 2 Basics’ Hall and Matt ‘Boyz 2 Men’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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