As an aside, in yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that, if we don’t have any kind of calendar or scheduling system, then maybe we’re just unorganised.

Now, I’ve written this blog before yesterday’s came out.

But I’m pretty confident that I’ll have some annoyed replies to it.

But, as I mentioned in a the other week, it’s often the case that the things that annoy us the most are those that hit a nerve.

Now I would be amazed if any single one of us couldn’t somewhat improve our results by increasing our levels of organisation.

I fully include myself in that.

Imagine if the most organised person in the world ran your life for a week………

Could they do it in a way that enabled better results?

And, if the answer is yes (which it is for all of us), then what can we do now with our own organisation to get those better results?

——- Note: I’ll help you with that. Drop me a WhatsApp at to find out how ——-

And let’s not just kid ourselves that we “like to go with the flow” or “like to keep things spontaneous” or “easy going”.

I’ll cover tomorrow why those saw thought processors might be holding us back.

Much love,

Jon ‘Organised crime’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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