You may have heard this expression.


“Measure twice, cut once”


Basically saying that a little more planning and prep time will reduce work later on.


An old friend of my Dad’s used to say he liked to “stalk a job”


He’d spend a good ten minutes staring at some fairly basic task, having a good think about it.


But he’d then do it perfectly, every time.


No mistakes.


No having to ‘make do’ with something non-ideal as he hadn’t thought things through.


Tis the same with planning our eating.


We often bowl wildly through life.


Only thinking about our food when it gets to meal time.


Invariably then the easiest option won’t be good.


The vending machine.


The staff canteen.


Starbucks, Costa, Pret, etc.


A garage perhaps.


The last minute option is rarely a good one.


More expensive too usually.


Planning ahead can save you £s and drop you lbs.


Stalking the week will make it healthier.


Think ahead when you do have time to what your meal requirements will be during the coming week.


When you do have a bit of time, plan your meals, get the food and prep it.


It’ll take less time and money.


Just the time will need to be put in in advance.


You might have a think on a Saturday morning about the coming weeks plans and do an online shop order to arrive Sunday.


Then batch cook a number of meals in Sunday night.


And have the necessary ingredients ready for any other meals.


An hour of two work.


Rather than 10-20 extra minutes per meal.


Less money.


Measure twice, cut once.


Stalk the week.



Much love,


Jon ‘Stalker’ Hall and Matt ‘The judge said no closer than 50 metres’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall

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