We’ve talked recently about Hot and Cold systems.


And the more you can seem to distance your choice from the exciting ‘here and now’………


The more you’ll use those cooler, more rational part of the brain……….


And the easier it will be to make those decisions that, ultimately, you want to make.


To help work towards the result you want.


Even if you just go a little into the future that can be of help.


When faced with a decision……..


Whether or not to do that workout……….


Whether or not to eat that cake / biscuit / chocolate covered sugar bar………


Whether or not to have that extra drink or two………..


You can ask what Future You might say if asked.


The you of two months’ time.


The you of tomorrow morning.


The you of an hour’s time.


The you of even two minutes’ time.


“Dear Future Me. Knowing what you know now, what decision would you make if you were back here?”


We’ve all been in this situation enough times before to be able to make a reasonably accurate guess as to what Future You might say.


Sometimes it will be “Go for it”.


Which is cool.


You know we’re not about living like monks.


But I’m also sure they’ll be plenty of times when you know you’d regret it.


And that Future You would tell you “it wasn’t worth it”.


Try it.


See what Future You says.


See if that ‘cools’ you just enough to make the decision you actually really want to 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Marty McFly’ Hall and Matt ‘Doc Brown’ Nicholson




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