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Have you ever received a White Tiger as a present?

A tiger of any colour, come to think of it?

No, me neither.

In 1960 U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower did.

Now keeping a tiger in your house isn’t a good idea, even if your house is the White House.

So Dwight sent the Tiger, now called Mohini, to live at Washington D.C. Zoo.

Note: A bit of research shows that she was always bound for the zoo and just ‘presented’ to the President, but I like this version better.

For many years Mohini lived in a 12 foot square cage.

Until funds were raised to provide a “natural habitat for her. Covering several acres, it had hills, trees, a pond and a variety of vegetation”.

Mohini proceeded to spend the majority of the rest of her life in one small corner of the habitat.

Walking the grass away in a 12 foot square.

The beliefs and mindsets about the situation she was in continued long after the situation had changed.

As it can for us all.

Self limiting beliefs are something we generally don’t feel we have.

Until we realise we do.

We’ll have all had multiple times when we’ve come to realise that the way we were viewing a situation wasn’t the best way to view it for us.

We’ve come to see situations in our relationships, our work and our life in general in different ways.

Changed our minds on people, situations and more.

So why do we feel that now is the one time in our lives where we’re, finally, completely “right” about everything?

Surely there’ll be more realisations to come.

More altered opinions and viewpoints.

More mindsets changed.

So could we just look to change them now?

Why wait?

Imagine future you.

From 10 years time.

Who’s made all the changes that you’d like to make.

Physical, mental, logistical or anything else.

What would they say has changed?

What realisations and mindset changes have they had?

And could we just have them now?

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Step out of the well worn 12 foot square area we’ve been keeping ourselves in.

And explore the rest of that “habitat” available to us.

Much love,

Jon “Lamp” Hall


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