Do you remember what it used to be like when you didn’t know something?


Took ages to find it out.


You’d ask a few friends.


You might go and get a book out from the library.


Maybe have to check through reams of microfiche, if you remember that?


Or write off to a magazine and, maybe, get your answer in 3 months or so.




We have little devices in our pockets that can access all the information that’s ever existed.


A lack of knowledge isn’t the problem anymore.


If anything, it’s too much ‘knowledge’.


Too much information.


Conflicting information.


Not knowing what is right.


Not knowing where to start.


We’ve covered the right ‘knowledge’ many times in these blogs.


If you’ve been reading them a while, not knowing what to do shouldn’t be the issue.


If it is, keep reading them.


Or hit reply and let us know where you’re at.


What’s more important than knowledge?




All the knowledge in the world does NOTHING with no action.


But plenty of people make progress with minimal knowledge and tonnes of action.


They’d make faster progress with more knowledge, sure.


But action is the key.


If you know what you need to be doing but are, struggling, that’s where we come in.


What we do is support and accountability.


Knowledge too, sure.


But getting people to take action is key.


Already with us?


Let us know if you’re stuggling.


Not checked us out yet?


Need accountability and support?


The next find out more meeting is less than two weeks away.


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Much love,


Jon ‘Married to an accountant’ Hall and Matt ‘Too young for Microfiche’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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